Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

. OF ' HA/PPIN s. 1 91 I God in the foule J bywhich / we once looked vn-to God. ·' And this luft fitteth it felfe as God in this Temple of God. \Vhen this fruit i's ea':' ' ten, the vnderflanding, wiJ, and affeClions , are to bee I managed bylufl:; yea, euen - th,e whole foule and body ' . ofman,' and that mufi bee ~ good or euill which lufl: ap· prooueth or difliketh. God 1nufi be no longer the bap· pineiTe ofman , neither the abfence or oppofition of - God , the miferie of man; ' God mufi be no longer the " -_patterne of Mans obedi- ' ' ence, neither fhall man care - to walke· with God vnto God , nor to decline from . I the euill offuffering, byde· I I ' clining ~~-.-'