Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

., IIO THE AR.TE be diifolued by reall miferie. Accordingly,God calls His finfull Creatures to an ! account, and hauing conl ' uicred thembya confeffion 1 oftheir own,extorted from them, -by necetTarie and in· fallible confequences of tranfgreflion, on the 'No· man .he irnpofet~ ayokeof J fubietlion, euen to be fub- ' I l ietl: to the Hufband, whom I I I fhee tempted to finne. Hee ! I alfo fall:neth vnto her fuch I l an ·heauie paine of child- ! birth~thac to thisdayit wit. . ncffeth of it f:lfe, that it is the firoke of an offended Deit ie . Surely, as thebitter fruit of Lufi, it punifheth the fi1ulcofhis owne roote; I and ic i$ moll: iufl:ly tyed ro .· . . t'he '• '