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the Generation , to which Mans fall had before tyed Pollution. But neithertnay the Man paife away fafe : with his ne\v purchale of fitlfe happine[e, but the · [welling of his pride mufi • bee pricked and vented. Though the Y.Voman gaue hin1 the fruit, it was not the giuing, but the eating that defiled him. Then:Jore to ~1an is the ea~th curfed, th at it il1all not traffike her fru it, but for the f\veat of his browes. The new god– he:!d is taken downeJ for · it mufl either ftarue or la· bour ; and bee, who rnight haueb~ene (erued bya vo– lu nta ry contribution oft he Cn: atutes }, and n1igbt hauc F 5 · b e~nc l:II I 1: