Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

. . O·F HAP-PINES. angels fhall cO,tinually per· fecute the mankind , which they .haue deceiued. And. finally , Man being driu~n from the diuii1e Sacrament · qfthe Tree of Life,his bo- · dy fi1all be fubiect to in fir- , mitie.and difeafes, and at lafi: bydeath fi)all melt inro dull, from whence ~t was · ·taken ; and his foule now darkened with Concupif. cence, fhall be driuen into the darknes of the abfence and wr~th of God, which is the fecond and moft fear– full death. Thus is · ven– geance taken on difobedi- · ence :; thus ~s the new pride , cru!hed and taken downe ; the falfegodsbeing turned into moft miferable men, & t rue I. I ' I I 3 t-' .·