Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

' . 114 . , I ' THE AR.TE true n1iferie being applyed as a corrofiue to falfe fclici· tie~ Man !hall not much in· ioy his iniquitie, for it is ei– ther turned into bitterneife or vanirie;it lhall not pleafe or it fhall not lnft; but the miferic following it, fhall 1\lfl: for euer. Man is \V holly deceiued by theTempter. God, "vho is loft, is Mans ~ true happineff~ ; and the outward and worldly ob.. ietts, v:hich Luf:l turnes in– to Idols and fidfe gods ih the heart of Man., are by God rurned into curfednes. And this curfe is fo f~1fined, that if M~n goe about ro 1 repaire it, himfelfe !haH be f\vaHowed of it, and be– conv.:: a prey to that 'vhich be. ··- ----------~~-----~~--