Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

p F HA p p I N E s. I IS he \Vould haue defl:royed. For!vlan is takenand indofed "vith the wrath of the Almightie, as awilde Bull in a net or toyle; and wrefi· "" , ling cannot free him,it may more in tangle him. · And now affemble y0ur fdues together, all-yee Pb i-- . lofophers ar1d vVizzards~ & ' . behold ~1,H1 thus drcffed vp i11 corruption -and rflif\!· rie, and heale him, if you haue any Medicine equiua~ lent ro his Difea!c. The truth is ; y9u baue taken great paines to makefon1c· thing of this \Vretclied l~ 0· thing , ca1led !vlan : you would faine haue refiored him to the vfeoft·eafon, the ancient of his Jv1a.. , · · ke~ ~------~----------~---- I •