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0 F HA pp IN E s. CHAP. III. : How Man is rejlored to hap- - pineff~. - . • Hat fhall then bee done for .this vtlr ~ happyand vvrctch., . ed thing? we find no Balme -· 119 1 on earth , nor phi fi ke a- · - mong the fonnes of men. Miferie hath feized on this world ; and miferie is far· from being able to cure miferie ,- neither may it be · both adifeafe and a mctlicine. What remaines then, but that our eyes are infor· ced to life vp themfclues a~ boue the world, to feeke a Sau!our-, where they found a Creator. Tbe goodndTe a·nd pow,er of _him vvhich crea ..