Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

IlO AR.TE created, are ~ne ly able to reftore; but ho'vcanfi rbou expell goodneffe, 0 re~elJious Man, ofaGod forfa– ken, dtfobeyed, and pro. uoked to wrath ?yea ·, if r- hou couldefi hope againfl: . hope, yet howmayeH thou ··conceiue that the decree'Ofj Go n s Iufiice ~ concerning I .thydeath, fhall befulfilled, I &yet deathby thee fhould be auoy'ded? Shall God be .true, then how canfi thou not die? Shalt thou not die, thenhow is Gods fenrenee .to be fulfilled, which bath pronounced that thou lhalt ~He ?Surely, thou couldeft not thinke a remedie to be 1 likelyor poflible:and there· fore at .this day thy fonnes reiett