Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

. \ -, • I J I - · to faue vs, and in the curfe of the Serpent befiowed bleffedneife on ~lan.In one fentence Go n ouerthre·w' our Ouerthrowcr, and by his ouerthrow raifed vs. The outward Serpent was , . doomed toeate, and walke on the dutt whereof Man I was; and the inward Ser: pent toc?tnpaife thisw.orld ofduft wherein lvlan is) yea to nibble and bite at the dufl: which is Man. .But frotn this Manofdufi,{hall - · ari(e a Sonne ofglorie,,vho ihall crufh the Serpent vp· on rhe head , and di!Iolue all theworkes of theDeui1. · The Serpent may walke on this earth as a Prince of · the.. world; hee may corn- . paffe ' .