Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

Q F rt A PP I N E s. 121 reiectic,and put that out oi their beliefe, which is our of their ill)aginanon and inuentio t1 . But God who is ·goodneife·, to aveffell of defc.:ru ~ d 'vvrath, ·gaue fi·ee andvoluntilriemercie. And God who is 'vifedome, to Man blind.fold~d in mife. - ·; rie, gaue an VI)k~novvn.e & vnfcarchable ren1edie. It was beyond the hope of , Man , .ir isabouehis reach, and fo it well becomes it to be; For far be it from Man wit'h his fhallo\V reach, to found thebottom0fthe in" comprehenfibleDeity.Let him firft vnderftand the Creatures which are daily before hin1 , and fiand as beames inhis eye,andmockers