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I OF HAp p l .N -E s• 129. I Man becomes a Father of mankind in the fia.te ofbapp~neife, as Man was th~ f ~ . ther ofmankind in the fiate ., ofinikrie.And now let the Greeke by his Phiiofopbicall wifedome, ketrne and ~ . • - conremne the meanneife of ' a fuffering Sauiour, and Jet the Iewes with their ambi- · tion of our\vard pompe , count an1an of forrow· and humilitie too ·bafe a thing to fct vp a Kingdome of glorie; but the whiles the r-- truely, \vife are forced to know&confeffe,tbat there is mofl: glorie and power, · where po"~'e.r worketh by · infirmirie It becomes \Ve3k man, to feeke ~or power to . firenoth~n and abet hitn · \ 0 ' , 'G 2 but - -----,.--