Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

L , 150 T H E A J.. T E but it becomes befi the Al· mightie to feeke weaknes, for the better manifeftation · ·ofhispower. For God .'wil~ haue his glorieeuidcnt and whole, which is neithere– uident nor whole, by i~yning aqy thing that may iliare g!oriewith him , but · that onlywhich puts away all gl<?rie from it felfe vnto God. It is a piece of mans foolHh wifdome, toadorne the Creator with the glorie of the Creature, but it is . .Go'ds mofi true and higheft 1wifedome,to giue light vn· to darknes, power to weak· neffe, glorie to bafeneffe. It is ~he glorie ofthe Sunne to · giue·Jight to the darkeand vn-fhining bodie of t,!Je :Nloone, (