Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

c I 34 ' T H E ·A R. T E his true felicitie,but feemed not to be fo, for that \V hieh , · feemed to bee true felicitie, but was indeedrruemifery. . Now let vs fee agi:tine, how hecan exchangehis miferie ~~ for felicitie, or rather, how _ God doth it for him. For, our bleifed · Reflorer , bath done all things that may bee requi– red, for exchanging wret• cbedndfe into bleiTednes, .. nd \.Vha tfoeuer God harh done, is mofr fir, yea necef. (arie for fucb anexchange. To find the perfed:nelfe ofour refiauration in fome meafure,let vs confider the - mHerie whicb we haue got· ten, and the excellenceand happinelfe whichwee haue .· loft. ------------~------------