Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

·-------------------------· 0 F HA pp IN E s. If) loll. -In our miferie we may with chiefefi forrow behold a roote of finne, an Hfueof– _corruption, which being · vgly it felfe, begets alfo - many fins-vgly like ir felfe, ; and fo altogether they pro· · uoke the wrath and dete- · fiation of a pure _Go n; . \V hereon attend al1 plagues temporail and eterna1.?v1an is the fla-ue ofWickedneiTe, ~ and VVickednes is the £laue · of Itifiice : vVickedne!fe : commands Man tooffend, & Iuflice comm·ands Wic.. _kedneffe to bee punillied. • Here is the foundation of : difeafes, tamines)pefiilence, . heart-breaking cares,_and forrowcs , the temporall : deathof the b_ody., and rhe 1 l G 5 thou- , ..,. ' / \