Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F H A p p t{ N E s. felicitie. And now, when the fore of mankinde was _ ' growne to this vnfine!fe, that the -,whole worldcould not fit it with an equall plaifier, Go n, whooneJy made Nature, and can one– ly refiore ·parts ofNature, which are cut off and de– firoyed, by his o' righ-t hand and holy arme, got hin1felfe the vittorie ouer our mifcrie. God doth put himfelfc into the recouerie ofman kind: and ifGod be on our fide,Who can beea– gainft vs ? for hce tbat \:Vill beagainfi vs,mufl: needs be a Creature; and therefore inferiour tohim who made \ all thing~. God being vni– ted to Man, bath in himfelf an ' • .• l37 / / I