Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

. ,. l ' ·---------------- thoufand times more fcarefull eternall death borhofli body and foul e. For, Man · being become a Nurferie ofi · wickedneffe, 'vickednetTe· becomes the fuell of wret– chedne!fe._ And as all thefe reall and pofidue difireffes affiitt moH: miferable Man: fo hath he cert;;tyne priuati· . .ons andabfences ofchat ex- , ~ellence and happine!fe , wherein and whereunto he was created. Hee hath loft cheabilitle ofd oing the du– de ofhis Creation : he bath· ' loft .the end and glorie of that duetie; For bee hath . lofi obedtence to God,and he bath loft the Cro·wne of ·that obedience,erernal frui.. tion of God his foueraigne . felicitie.