Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

. ' 14z -T H E A B.. T E ·- ofthis his abfolute fatisfy- , .ing and boun~ing of the Law, and luftice of God, _be queftioned, .much leffe cenfured by Mans foolilb r knowledge of good and e .. uiU ; for he who made this fatisfa~ion, is equiualent , yea infinitely preualent to all mankinde; hisperfon is of more drgnitie then all ourperfons, andas an ordi– narie King, is more worth then a thoufand of his fub– ieCts; fo this King ofKings · :is n1ore worth then aU the thouft1nds of vs his Crea– tures.And as his Perfon,by rcafon ofrhe Deitie, is of fuch c~xcdlence, fo arealfo ·his atlions, euen of greater worth tbt:nifmankind bq_d ioyned