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OF HAPPINES. ioyned in the performance - of theq~. For according to the worth of the perfon, is the worth of the acl:ion: Now the perfon of Chrifi mufl: furmount all creatures · in dignitie, for the worthof all Cre~tures fioweth from the worth of Chrift, and the worth that giues worth, mtifl needes bee more then the worth giuen. But ifit be confeifed that there is in Chrifi a fufficient worthi– ndfe, but thereremainesa · doubt how this may bee giuen to another; It is an .. fwered, that vnion makes acommuni tie, & the things ofperfons vnited ,arecorn· n1on to bothby being one. Ifa Kingmarry the daugh· ter 143 • I