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I so T H E A J.. T E withvs;fo are thc:y benefits and nolonger euils.•For the Spirit which is our life , -growe~h by exercife, a~ bo– dily ftrtngth dothbybodi · lylabour; and the fadne1fe of the heart many times .cha£leneth profitably the _remayning corruption of the flelh, as froft doch the . I ·weedes. As for corporaH death, which is con1morrly feared as the greatefi euill,it is turned into the greatefi benefir. For it is a dore, both ro goe out of this life of wretchedneife , and, to– goe into a life of happines; whereof the one is darke" fome, full of Serpents, and hanrecl \Vith fpirits; and the other glorious in light, full · of