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0 F .t-1 A P P I. N E S• ------------~---- ~ ----~ of lhining Angels, and glo- · rified Saints in f.ternaU . I • blelfednes. As a dore in a partition betwcene two roomes,fo is death between two liues; it no fooner lets vs out of the one, but it lets vs intc:> the other;fo that we doe not fo muchgoe out of life, as go into Life;for that onely deferues thenameof .\life, which is full of happi– neffe, and that in pcrpetui– tie; and not that, which is filled with ·miferies, and ·whofe fpeciall commenda– tion is breuitie~ Therefore let it be farre from vs, from . henceforth to cali thatc:uil, ! which deliuereth vs from miferie into felicitie. More• ouer, whereas wewere in a H " con- ' I / I I