Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

'.' . _1_52 _ ___ T_H_E_A_R_T_E__j continua11 ilaucrie vnco cotruption , euen to that falfe_knowledge of good · and euill;bywhich alfo_we· \Vere obedient flaues vnto -~--· tbe Deuill, the n1afl:er and teacher ofthis knowledge; Now that authoritie and command of corrupt and flelhly wifcdome,is broken downe; foolilhneffe, fin ne, and the Serpent haue no longer dominion ouer vs, neither are we at the direc– tion of Lufi, to -knowand todoeonely-\vhat it teacl:- .eth and app!·oueth. Euils being thus altered and ta· ken away from lVlan ,_wee may alfo bcboldMan placed in his dutie) which firft, and £hll is his way to b:1F• , pineife. _ __,_.._,..._..;.,.___~---~--~____....... ,I