Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

• ' I . 154 1 Tu E A R. T E 1 laft bring vs to the wayes · , end" which is eternalJ feli– titie.In this pathof the Spi· rit is perpetuall fafetie and protecHon , the Serpent cann_ot bite vs,and ifhe doe bite ., his venom is turned intoamedicine, fo that bee cloth rather heale,then poi- , fon. For the Spirit is more ,· .good , the.n any thing is~uill , .. it will fanttifie and ble1fe whatfoeuer bef:11leth vs, and the malice ofeuils inflicted on vs,is curedand made wh'olefomeby the fc· 1 ueraign Spirit whichdwel- . ~,· leth in vs. But will bee asked, Why thefe ·feeming euils be not whol-– ly taken a.way, as \VeJl as a!. :' I tered, it being better. to the · . tudgc· J /