Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

------ ---- iudgen1ent of Man ,. that there '"'ere nothing bitter, , then that there lhould be a bitterneiTe, though recom- · penfed with fweetneffe. Againe, it may be askedlwhy the remnant of corruption is fo great in Man , that ir leadech Man captiue often to do that which he would not, ·and the power of the Spiri~~isnirt ro•f¥tali~1itf.l~ . gree , that hee cannot .doe ~hat whichheewould. To thefe and·the like quefli- , I ons, ifthe will ofthe Refto.. . rer were brought for anan~ fwere, it might fiand for an anfwere fufficienr. For it being Gods mecre mercy to rellore vs, who can re~ quire him to !hewvndeferI ' H ~ I ued ----~----~~------~--~-' ' . / '