Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

-163 TH .E All T E . ! ' defpifethedelicateandnice dye~ of the Jiner Dames , not that·bee can finde any , ill in it , but becaufe it is . . too flight to fatisfie .his · . gr~ffe and mightie appe- ' .tire. Thiswas trulypatter.. .ned in the Ifraelites, whofe · flrong fiomakes defired the ·Onionsand Melons of E– gypt, but lothed the pure and_excellent Breadofhea- ·. uen.Therefore this n1ufl: be ·· therule in-thi-s matter.; eue– ~ ryappetite pleafeth it felfe ntoft iQan obiefr, fitting & / proportionable to-it felfe, and it i~ nottheexcellency ofthe obietl:, but the agree:. ableneiTe, that makes it de– lightful]. According to.this lis that ofthe Poet;the Lyo-· ~~ . . neffe •. I '