Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

_; OF HAPPINEs. 163 . nelfe hunteth the vVolfe, I the Wolfe' fe~keth the Kid; and the Kid delighteth in the greene graffe. yVhere· fore Iexpeel: not,that groffe flelli fhould find extraordi- ·narie comfort , in a,.moft pure and fpirituall glorie. But a fpirituall ~1a.n onely relliilierh lpirituall things, becaufe they are onely a– greeable to fuch a man. Ac– cordingly, as£1rre as aman is fpirituall, fo farre takes , heecomfort 'in a fpidtuall happineffe, \V hieh in.deede · is here but·in part~ fo that \Ve d<:> but look.e as through forpe crany into the glorie - of Heauen, and.we do ]oue . this glorie ~ but witha part 0four affecbon,yet in forn~ Saints· ' \' I . \ ... . ' I I ;