Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

OF HAPPINEs • . pechttion , -elpeciallywhe.n che £1me life is fo often worne out '" expectation o emporall &vncertayne things. But indeed-e \VCe deceiue our felues in this matter, for this is not our ,-difeafe,that we cannot fray, but that wee doe not verily fee and beleeue that, \Vhich being bdeeued)would ea G- ...___ ....:'!.... ••e!i..., ""',..;at\1- •..,;1_1; .. _ !Yi:5•~\,;; \I.:J~ly~,,& .... 4ll. vr•~uu~- neife to fl:ay: ifwebeleeued that there were fuch an vn– matchable felicity'{Jrep-ared for vs, wee might indeede _fomewhat eagerly long to be at it, but witb'all, theaf. ·fured hope of it would fupport vs ioyfully in the deferring of it. For mofl: true is that which is fpoken ·l of-1 I69 /