Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

' ,, 174 'I__ T_H_E:..__A_R_T_H__- difcerneth and re1lilheth them as fpiriruall truths. From the foundofrhis har~ mony come thofe ~dancings and exulrations ofmanyof the fonnes ofGod, who for this ioy ofheart haue dan– ced before him, who bath filled them with ioy. · But then flelh and bloud,feeing onely the dance, and nor hearing the mufike, mock– eth and defpifetb theeffetl:, whereof it fees not the , caufe. -But the Beholder of hearts, ·knowes thefemoti· · ons ofthe heart,to he chief– ·lyreafonabie, and therfore principalJy al~ow~s them. · And indeede, bow lhould theynot be approued,fince tlus ioy is from the befi,and · this