Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F ,H A P P I N E s. - this ioy is in the befl:, and therefore muft needs be·the ) verybeft ioy. It is a-ioybe.. yond the reach of mortaH power , yea beyond the reach of infernall power, a ioy whichnoman, nay no– thing can take from is a boord in fhipwracke,ate• fuge in tr~uble, a retyring place fr~m the powers of! darkeneffe. Befides thefe bleffings wee haueanother bleffing, the Authbur of thefe, and all other, euenan I vnion with God, who is ' Ibleffednes. This b!elfedne~ I I is fpirituall, feene-and felt j by the fpiritua1J ; It is feene by the eye of the feule, white it beholds a godly Narure , c.uen the feede of I God, 175 .