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I \ i I . \ f I I j . I r .J ~ ... • ( THE AttTE l -oo:--- G_od,powred into theheart of Man~ othc:rwife wholly 'polluted with the lufi of Generation.It is felt chiefe.. ly in the will and affections, while in themafiliall.loue, ioy ., ~nd feare is percejued toward God; who be!ore was regard~d ~sa ftranger, but now as a father; who " now is the end and r-ule of our .conuerfation, but be– fore .was put farre ,below the farisfacrion of Lufiand Concupifcence. And from I 'this vnion& the feelif)g of · this vni.on, proceedes bath that firength of Chrifiians, thac ·the gar~s of Hell can– not preuaile ag:1infi them, ·and that firongconfidence, that if God kill them, yet they,