Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

' I . he muft fi;ndeout~nd pro· pofe -~o :~hi~felfe . an End which is gpod; and toward this End mufl: fo firiue, that hee may continually draw ·neerer to it, vntill hee haue attayned it ; and bee mufr grovv in the degrees of en... .ioying' .when hee h:atb at– tayned. He that propofeth. no Marke, not· mayne End to him(dfe, can neu_er in· creafe himfelfe , but 'is a man loft, and comes to no– thing; fuch a one is like a · ~ipdiat ay~~.t.hat ·t\o~arbour,and-thereforecannot make·any·voyageofaduan· tage. He that propofeth an ,End, 'yet fucb a- one as is ~u.t tranfitorily or narrowIy:goo~> he can receiue.but .. a·