Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

4 THE Ak.T.E tun:, to feeke for good, but thecorruption of the fame · nature is fuch,that it makes euery thi~g feeme g od to it felf, ~hicb it felfe(though falfl y) apprehendeth to be good . And fo hence it comes , that many men run an vrtfatisfi.ed courfe s through diu'ers changes of thingsfeeminglygood,and · mofi men choofe the ldfe good for the better good; yea, the moft euill for,the. · moft good. But he that will Terioufly inquire for true · happineife, mufi in his in· quirie lay afide his bodie and the doctrines thereof; :tnd bee mufi retire into his innermofi, and mofl: fecret ~ . ' 1 dof~tofLightand Rea1on, ' and . '