Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F H. A pp IN E s. 35 comes ofknowledge being go~ten , fo euen the getting ·of knowledge i.s it felfe a miferie; for vfually itis ac· quired by two meanes.The one is a vehement and con– tinualllabouroftheminde,. · · which takes vp one halfe of the life, to inftrutl the o· rh er halfe; yea, many times knowledge is a funeral ga~ - · mcnt, al the1i fe ~n w·orking, --....... & worne but the Iaft iour· neyto thegraue. A fecond . meanes, is an extraordina... ric infl:run1ent of the foule, which is called the drie beame; by which the i{)ule. · feeth mofi c1eerly & fwifc– ly, and will dicourfequt of a preCent apprehenfion , as foundly as fome \Vill doe I c 3 by ;,t: ..-.. -_...;...----.:!..--~~..___: