Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

·. J 36 THE ART E - , __ I I • bymuch fiudie and preme· · ditation~but \vemutt kn·ow. that in this· caf~ ' the win- . dolV of the foule is vfually enlargedby the flaw of the body , ~nd the body and minde doe often{uffer fome indifpofidon, when thefe beames of the foule 2reo· uer-atl:iue. Hence may we truly gheffe,that ft_.tch great.. ·neffe of \Vlt hath co'mmon· ly to accompanie it fome couchof madneffe or fick· neiTe. 'And now, that wee 1nay giue a conclufion to the poore knowledge of man, as before it was con– qinced to be afpy for griefe, "vhile it beholds theconfu~ fion, miferie, andvanitie of this world :-{({ -in'ay wee · trudy ----~