Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

I 38 T H E A F.. T E I fhee delight her felfe in her owne light, that light ii bur as the lh0oting of a fiar, for maneft-foones fi1ls . downe into his old fiation r ofgrofneife&miferie. And I though fometimes it giues a man fome ea fe in leffcr c– ui1s and troubles, yet is knowledge it feife vfually afronifhed with fudden en· counters)euen in Jin1e mat- .ters, and commonly o.uer- . borne \vich migbtie tem– pefls of greatly-fenft.ble e-~ uils . Therefore wee may:· . conclude, that knowledge rather fuewes man that hee is ill, then makes him tobe well, & it feen1es that fome . 1 ~reat knowledge hath fub1 tet1:ed man to an vnre!ifi– . able