Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

46 T -HE A a. T E ~·~ chat highefi E-ffence , the Caufe_and fo;unt~yneofall cJ1ipgs, in \f;hom Manmay feeke-his happineffe,Man is inforced eo clime vp -aboue this world of vanitie , to reach his true fe1icitie·. His 1 foule mufi fet vp the ladder ofcontempl•tti~n, -~there· on {bee muft afcend vp to her !v1aker, -to feekein him ,a remedie of hermiferie,an ·obiett of bleiredndfe, of :perpetuitie. And furely, 'whither can fhee more fitly ,repaire, then to the Source of her being , there to re· .ceiue areparation of herill .being, and an erernitie of ·well being ? For hee that ~ made Man, is inall ·proba- · ~ bilitie. mofi: able ._ to amend ·- ··n Man