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OF HAPPfN _Es. 53 tefrimonies therof lfthere· tore therebefiJch aneifence in vs, wee tnay imagine the Creator to bee purer then his worke; and then:fore he muf.t be n1ore fpiritual than we, or more then fpiricu·all, but cannot be leiTe. But be I' rbat graunted which wee - feeke, that God is 2 Spirit, mofi.wife ,-moft powerfulJ, that can both fi:ee vs from miferie, and giuevs the true and naturaU happinelfe of Spirits; Whatauailc:th it vs chat God is able to doe it, except it be.done? There: rnufl: bee a communication I of:rhis abilitie vnto Iv1a?, i el~ Man onely kn.owes :where he might be happy, · I : but ktll'ow~s ~not that bee·. t ' iball I .-