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OF HAPPINEs. 55 libettic of bleffed Spirits. , . Formypart (as (ueryman . is bounded with his owne knowledge ) ·I haue heard or read ofone alone; and that is fo f~lly medicinable to Mans miferie, fo fully fufficient togiue Man per– feel: felicity;That.this is the very doctrine of happi.nes1 · or eife Man mufl: frill reI mainc a fenfuall,wretch~d, I '· ~nd vnprofitable creature, 1 1 which to fay, were a blaflphemie againft the wifdom l of creation.In this doctrine I isGod difcouered to be the I !repayrer of his owne falne creature. And the remcdie is euery ·way equalJ , yea, . preualent to the difeafe, fo that it well becon1es the D high· . ' ' ! I l E i .I . . i I I I