Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

,. I THE AR.TE highefi God to bee the Au.. thour thereo£ And though the manner of it be n<;>t fet· chedfrommans vaine· glo· rious. imaginations , nor grounded vpon Nature (Go o being able equally to be anjmtnediateFather of Mans reparation, as of his creation of grace as of nature) yet contay~·leth this doctrine no vnreafonable ' . . 12· cotHrartettes, or repugnances, but onely thingshigh abouecornon reafon ,' fuch as well befit a Dei tie,- high· er by farre then his o\vne · creature. Andnot\vithfian.. ding this height, yet they that duely conuerfe. in this doctrine, .andbymeditati– on en·ter. into the ruyfteric · ,. , . tbrreof, ·- ---.- ----- --------- ----..,....._-~------~