Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

OF HAPPINES.. 57 thereof, they , I fay , fhalJ find an excellent harmonic &correfpondence between it a~d Mans prefent efhue, and betweene all the parts of it felfe. For the fore of ~ / lvlan is fo iufily couered withari anfwe1·ab1eplaifrer: - I'hat it mufi needs be con– feffed, that he who framed the remedie,mufi bee hee a– lone that know·eth the fe– crets of theheart, eaen the depth and roote ofour ma. fadie. Philt>fophie hath in– deuourcd rocure the Gan.. grene of !vlans corruption, bycuttingofftb~verypa.rts corrupted, which mufi bee vpon thematter,bycutting 1\ off Man from himfelfe, as indeed fo1).1e hauc done) by · D 2 ] ( a ~ )