Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

OF HAPPINEs. 59 and affettions,. with fuch powerfull and mightie chaines , that neither the wit of Man , which bath beene fi·uitfull in-inuentions of torment , nor the power of Emperors,which .. bath ruined mightie King- · domes, could change oralter them. · Concerning this Arteof Arts, what Ihaue receiued., I purpofe to ·deliuer to o– thers , through his he1pe, wbo is the Author thereof: and fure1y, this knowledge . is onlyworthyofaman~o– ther knowledges , except - .they /ferue thi~, they are · but wearineffe and vanitie: · for man i$ asmiferable,and fometimes more , when he D i hath