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' I · 6o l ., 'THE AR.TE hattl gotten -their perfecti– ons, as when he cntred in– tq their beginnings. And becaufeit giu~sa great light ro tvlans reparation , to know how he came to haue . neede of it, and becaufe it concernes the glorie of the Creator , to fhew that at firfl: he created not miferie andcorruption: Therefore l moO: fitly doth this Doe.. trine beginnewith the firfl .eG:ate ofm:.~n , and the loffe thereof: euen·a createdper– fection , and a purchafed corrup ~ ion ; A ·learning, which all Philofophycould neuer re:1cb. For fhe is the child ofman,and therefore , cannot tell the beginning of her O\vne Father.. For \ ,man. ------~-----------~--~ ' '