Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

I . THE A'R. T E fronl the th_ings which baue .their beginningofhim, him fdfe canno~ take beginning, neither can he be his Q\Vne begin.ning ~for that were to fty, he w;ts b~fore he \iVas. But God is an ctcrnaH Ef. fence, ~bat by himfel :e vp– holdeth himfdfe, and all 1 things, elfee For ,all orben rh ings haue no ~eing ofi their ownc , but they bor-1 ro ·wtheir being from h~n1; I · Jndjn him iS' their founda-1 don ~ and for this caufe may he alone rightly ., be– caufe alone originally,/fay, · I jm, And as he is the foun– taine and beginning from 1 / .which all things flow, fo · · :is he the end to lvhich all things ,reti.trne ; ·either by / their . ,.