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their owne wills confor– med to ,his will, or by the o~er-ruling of his power, which fubdueth thevnwil.:. ling to his v1ill. ~And thus mufr it needes be; for the Creatgr is his owneend in his Creation, and doth all ,thingsfor himfelfe. If wee , . allow not a Creator , nre . confeffc no Author of the · things.wel! fee; but either \Vee make them Eternall, ·· which is to make meaner .·gods,and ,ro denie themore excellent)orwefranle fome · imagination of our owne to be theirbeginning,,vhich lhall neuer fit w·ith themfo , _w~ll, as awife, pow~rfi11J, and eternall Spirit ; an~lafily , we rob mansfoule , ~ of f I