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I • / 68 THE AK. T E J / cdncurre in all Creation. _"fbe firft,in orde,rofConfi– deration, thot;~gh there bee no firH: in order of Time, is rh'e great.and infinite Mind or Vnderfianding , which begetteth a great Wifdotn, . T_hought, or 'Nord; ·eueA the firfi: and ~adicall ~ight, the a!mightie Begetter of the fecond Light; and this perfon is calleq Go o the Father. The fecond, is the . begottell &. fecond Light; euen the.\Vif1onle &Con– ceiuement of the minde or vnderflanding;an In1age & dfue thereof, and this per- . fen is called Go n the Son. The third, is the'\lertue & Power, "vhith breatheth or floweth from theGodhead, - where;..