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0 l' H .A p p I N E s. cell the groffe capacitie of bodily fences. For thepu· · rer the Effence is; the more fit to bee a God , and the morepure, the more inui– fib-le toagroffe and carnall fight. Let vs therefore be– leeuethe Creator to bee a mofi cleere, lightfome, and glorious Spirit, and to bee feene onely bySpirits and bodies, fublimated into a fpirituall kinde ofbeing. This glorious &eternalJ Spirit, n1anifeflethhimfelfe to our apprehenfions in ·th_ree Perfons1theprint and impreffion of each pcrfon I I being found in euery crea- .ture, and there being·an ab– folute neceflitie, that euery I one of the three fbould con- -· \