Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

70 ' T H l A .R. T E - ' . brought forth a Creation. To himf<:lfe he would haue· glorie, and tohis Creature happineffe;yea, this happi– nes o( theCreature, fi1ould b~ by the glotie of the Cre– ator :fo in-the glorifYingof God, 'lhouldMenandAn· gels bee glorified. But Qll the cOMtrarie , they that would not giue glorie to God, fhouJd not haue hap– pineffe to themfelues ; yer, though vnwillingiy, !hall theyglorifie himby feruing · his Iufiice in miferie , who would not ferue his Good- - nelfe in felidtie. -To effeLl: this in fix dayes,Godmade _ ~ chis great malfe. of Crea– tures,- called the World, which he fitted for thefer- . UICe