Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

OF HAPPINES. uiceof Man., and Man for the .feruice of his G o n. ' Now, as this great Frame , came from thisone God,fo the infinite difagreeingsQf feuerall an Vnitie, point to fome great vnitie as the Caufeof this reconciliation , whic~1 can defi:rue to be ca~ed by noother. name , then by a fitpreme and foueraigne Name, and fuch aName is · God. Againe, the infinite diuerfitie of Formes, and that large heape of Matter, · neither ofwhich were be· (ore,and ofwhich it is alike eafie to the Creatour, to make Matter as Formes, · · direet our eies to fomgrea·t Wifdome&Power, which could 7I ! - ;