Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

6 .N'arrative of out. Now might we hear mothers and children crying out for themselves and one another, " Lord, what shall we do !" Then I took my children (and one of my sisters her's) to go forth and leave the house : but as soon as we came to the door, and appeared, the Indians shot so thick, that the bullets rattled against the house, as if one had taken a hand- ful of stones and threw them, so that we were forced to give back. We had six stout dogs belonging to our garrison, but none of them would stir, though at another time, if an Indian had come to the door, they were ready to fly upon him and tear him down. The Lord hereby would make us the more to ac- knowledge his hand, and to see that our help is always in him. But out we must go, the fire increasing, and coming along behind us roaring, and the Indians gap- ing before us with their guns, spears, and hatchets to devour us. No sooner were