Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 7 we out of the house but my brother-in- law (being before wounded in defending the house, in or near the throat) fell down dead, whereat the Indians scorn- fully shouted and hallooed, and were presently upon him, stripping off his cloaths. The bullets flying thick, one went through my side, and the same (as would seem) through the bowels and hand of my poor child in my arms. One of my el- der sister's children (named William) had then his leg broke, which the Indians perceiving, they knocked him on the head. Thus were we butchered by those merciless heathens, standing amazed, with the blood running down to our heels. My eldest sister being yet in the house, and seeing those woeful sights, the in- fidels halling mothers one way and chil- dren another, and some wallowing in their blood ; and her eldest son telling her that her son William ways dead, and myself was wounded, she said, and Lord