Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

102 Narrative of and in pursuit of the enemy, and so near as to overtake several and dcstroy them ; and the enemy in such distress for food, that our men might track them by their rooting the ground for ground-nuts, whilst they were flying for their lives : I say, that then our army should want provis- ions, and be obliged to leave their pur- suit, and return homeward, and the very next week the enemy came upon our town, like bears bereft of their whelps, or so many ravenous wolves, rending us and our lambs to death. But what shall I say 2 God seemed to leave his people to themselves, and ordered all things for his own holy ends. Shall there be evil in the city, and the Lord path not done it? They are not grieved for the affliction of Jofeph, therefore they fhall go captive, with the firft that go captive. It is the Lord's do- ing, and it fhould be marvellous in our eyes. 2. I cannot but remember how the In- dians derided the slowness and the dul-